Ghost Houses of Cabo de Gata












The landscape of Cabo de Gata, along the coast of Almeria, is dotted with architectural remains — eighteenth century fortifications, abandoned mining operations, and empty cortijos. These vacant structures, fixed in the arid desert landscape for decades or centuries, seem timeless. They could have been abandoned fifteen years ago, or 150 years ago. It’s often hard to tell, as the stillness of the desert masks any signs of life. However, these architectural relics are, in fact, products of human history and have some intriguing stories to tell. The Cortijo del Fraile (which I blogged about previously) was the site of a deadly love triangle that became the inspiration for Federico Garcia Lorca’s Blood Wedding. Not far away along the coast, I encountered an abandoned house at the edge of an enormous cliff that dropped the ocean below. I’ve been unable to find any information about it, though a detailed topographical map of Cabo de Gata identifies the spot as “Casa del Tomate”. Inside, there is also evidence — graffiti, a few empty bottles, a pair of discarded boots — of more recent visitors.

Inside the Cortijo del Fraile | Google Maps












Inside the Casa del Tomate | Google Maps

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