18 June 2009


I was alerted today that the photograph above was missing from my Artomatic display. The religious posters in the image were shot in Mumbai and then superimposed on the columns of the Supreme Court building.  The stolen print is number 1 in an edition of 10. The piece is in a 17″ x 22″ wood frame, too big to stuff into a backpack or under a shirt.

I could be flattered that my work was selected out of the 1000+ Artomatic artists to be targeted or to be in the company of other artists whose work has been stolen over the years, from da Vinci to Picasso. But it mostly just sucks. Unfortunately, there was none of the intrigue that surrounded The Collector incident and Tim Tate’s stolen work two years ago.

Artomatic runs on the goodwill and hard work of many people who volunteer countless hours to make it happen, along with the tens of thousands of visitors who come out to support the artists. So it is unfortunate when one person’s actions run so counter to that collaborative spirit.

Thanks to fellow photographer Frank Turner who was on volunteer duty for passing on the bad news.

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Stirling Elmendorf
Stirling Elmendorf
14 years ago

This is truly disturbing news. Mark is an extremely good friend and a thoughtful, kind photographer. That notwithstanding, I know that an extreme amount of work and care went into producing this piece and it’s very disheartening to think that anyone would be shallow enough to steal it… I’m very sorry for the loss and I truly hope that it reveals itself somehow.