125 Years of Federico García Lorca  

Federico García Lorca was born in 1898, and earlier this year marked the 125th anniversary of his birth. When he was 30 years old, Spanish newspapers covered a sensational story from a remote corner of Andalucia. Twenty six year old bride Francisca Cañadas Morales was due to marry a local farmer. hours before the wedding she eloped with her cousin Francisco Montes Cañadas, with whom she had been in love since childhood. But before they could get away, the groom’s brother shot and killed Francisco. The episode became famous throughout the country as ‘el crimen de Níjar’ and served as […]

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Following the success of A Fistful of Dollars (1964), Sergio Leone commissioned Carlo Simi to construct an entire western town for the second title in the trilogy, For a Few Dollars More. Two rival bounty hunters, (Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef), both in pursuit of the fugitive El Indio, eye each other suspiciously from their hotel windows on opposite sides of the street. The building now labelled the “Yellow Rose” housed Van Cleef’s hotel and the town saloon. Once Upon a Time in Almería: The Legacy of Hollywood in Spain’ (Daylight Books 2017)

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The Saloon in ‘Straight to Hell’  

“Nothing remains but a fragment of the back wall and some wooden beams. But thirty years ago, when we went STRAIGHT TO HELL, this was our saloon where Strummer snarled at Courtney Love, and Sy Richardson and Dick Rude gunned down the Weiner Kid, and Grace Jones barred Dennis Hopper from smoking.” From the Forward by Director Alex Cox. Once Upon a Time in Almería: The Legacy of Hollywood in Spain’ (Daylight Books 2017)

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Érase una vez en Almería  

La Capital del Cine Mundial Hace 50 años que la película de David Lean, Lawrence de Arabia se estrenó. Lean tenía la intención de filmar toda la película en Jordania, en la misma tierra donde Lawrence había llevado a cabo su campaña. Pero las dificultades por aquel entonces de trabajar 200 millas en el interior del desierto durante meses retrasaban la filmación y superaba con mucho su presupuesto. A todo ello se añadía también un daño psicológico porque el productor Sam Spiegel temía que Lean estuviera realmente obsesionado con el desierto. Por tanto, Spiegel ordenó que la producción al completo […]

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May 16, 2013

Reading List  

Art exhibitions generally don’t come with a recommended reading list. Unless, of course, the exhibition is in a library.

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