The Beaches of Cabo de Gata

Tuesday’s Frugal Traveler column in the New York Times covers the undeveloped and (so far) undiscovered beaches of Cabo de Gata in Almeria, Spain. In fact, author Seth Kugel describes his ideal beach as:

one that you come upon after a hilly, rocky hike over scrub-covered hills. It’s a half-moon cove of ashen sand flanked at either end by rock formations that look like giant Impressionistic sand castles. Instead of palms, occasional yellow and purple wildflowers dot the nearby hills; instead of mojitos there are mandarin oranges and nispero fruits bought at a farmer’s market; instead of warm Caribbean ripples, there is bracing Mediterranean surf to cool you down under cloudless skies.

He’s referring to the Cala de Entremedio, but the description could easily fit several secluded beaches within the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Nature Reserve. Kugel also notes that parts of Lawrence of Arabia were filmed there, among other films. But he was a little too cheap to try the fresh seafood at La Ola, my favorite spot, where you order based on drawings of the fish brought in that day. More of my Almeria recommendations here.

I took the photo above of a nineteenth century fortification at Los Escullos in the Cabo de Gata park.

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Gail Harris
13 years ago

I live about 45minutes away from the Cabo de Gata in an old farmhouse with my partner – we love the beach at Agua Amarga (bitter waters) – it is very chic and too far for the package tours to go there! There are a couple of sensational restaurants there, more Mama Mia than Marbella! For anyone interested in reading about Almeria and surrounding areas take a look at my blog for places to go, restaurants and things to do – I never give a bad review, I just leave them out altogether!

Martyn Thompson
12 years ago

Hi there,

I am in the process of setting up a photography courses / excursions business in Cabo de Gata and although not quite there yet, I am looking for potential people to collaborate and work with. I came across your fantastic blog and feel I have much to offer.

This is my blog – and this is my website which is still in progress –

I hope you find it a suitable addition to your blog and I will happily place a link to your blog if you wish.

Kind regards
Martyn Thompson