18 June 2009

This District Moment

“This District Moment: Report from the Streets,” currently on display at The Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center in Silver Spring, highlights a group of local artists employing influences from graffiti, skateboarding, punk, and hip-hop. The exhibition, curated by Graham Boyle and Michael Pollack, aims to show that DIY and urban street art are alive and kicking in the DC area.

Artists include: Johnnie Bess, Graham Boyle, Imani K. Brown, Billy Colbert, DECOY, Diabetik, Mark Parascandola, Francisco Rosario, RVLTN, Tim Slayton, STER, Lisa Marie Thalhammer, Kelly Towles, and Aniekan Udofia. Two prints from my DC Tags series, showing Washington monuments with superimposed graffiti, are included in the show.

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Alan King
14 years ago

There’s a profile of Aniekan Udofia posted at