Carabanchel – a video peek inside the photobook

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Carabanchel — inside the photobook from Mark Parascandola on Vimeo.

Take a look inside the Carabanchel photobook and hear the story behind its creation. In October 2008 I photographed the interior of the former Carabanchel prison in Madrid, one of the most infamous architectural landmarks from Spain’s decades of dictatorship. General Francisco Franco ordered construction of the complex in the 1940s to house the regime’s many political prisoners. After the prison was finally closed in 1998, the building became a haven for squatters, graffiti artists, and curious visitors. A month after my visit the entire structure was demolished to make way for a new urban development.

Video by Jordan Edwards


  1. Mike
    September 1, 2016

    I was an inmate there in 1972 to 1973 for possession of drugs, not proud of that time in my life. We had cold showers, actually fairly good food and were able to buy few glasses of wine a day, I believe 3 pesetas a glass. Met a lot of people from around the world, from Pakistan to Australia, North and South America and probably every country in Europe. I would not want to relive that period in my life but the treatment was okay as long as you obeyed the rules. , I shared one cell with 3 black guys, a Jamaican, Haitian and a Brazilian . I had no problem, I’m not racist but during an inspection an administrator said it wasn’t okay that I was the only white person and transferred me to a cell consisting of 1 white American, one German and a Brit. I’ve actually tried over the internet to find some of the people who was there with me, without luck. There were many political prisoners who were in entire cell block of their own but at times we did intermingle.

    • Mark
      September 6, 2016

      Hi Mike – thanks for your comment. This is a fascinating story. There is relatively little written about daily life in Carabanchel (I cite a couple of accounts in the book).


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